Germicidal Upper Air Pendant

The GUI P is a pendant-mounted luminaire designed for upper air germicidal irradiation. These fixtures utilize low-wattage, ozone-free GUVT8 lamps that reduce airborne pathogens using 254nm UVC. The electronic ballast is specifically matched to the lamps for optimal performance and lifetime. A wall sconce version is also available - the GUI S.

  • Applications: Suitable for most commercial and institutional applications: lobbies, hallways, offices, bathrooms, conference rooms, hotels, retail
  • Size Options: 4 foot and 2 foot
  • Finish Options: Silver (standard), white, black
  • Warranty: 3 year limited system warranty (excludes lamps). Lamps covered under manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA, in our Henderson, NC facility, utilizing mostly domestic and some foreign components
  • Caution: Do not ascend into the path of irradiation emitted from this product. Make sure unit is powered off before climbing ladders, stairs, etc., or in any other situation where you are above the mounting height of the unit. At 254nm, direct UVC irradiation is not safe for humans. Avoid looking directly at the light and take necessary precautions during installation and maintenance of this product. Lamps used in this product contain mercury. Each product ships with warning labels on the fixture and safety handling guides in the cartons. Please read and heed all safety instructions before using this product.

Note: Our UV products are designed utilizing proven germicidal and antibacterial technology. UVC 254nm products work to deactivate most common viruses (as well as bacteria, molds and yeasts), and 405nm near-UV products are shown to substantially reduce bacterial presence. While these products can be considered disinfecting products, they should be used in conjunction with standard, proper disinfecting cleaning procedures to have the greatest impact for maintaining a clean environment. Successful UV disinfection requires a systems approach taking into account dose, optics and safety relevant to the specific application. Please consult with factory any questions or concerns. Avoid looking directly at the light and take all necessary precautions during installation or maintenance of this product. Lamps used in this product contain mercury.